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Grab my "How To Break Free From Your Medication: 5 Secrets Your Doctor And Insurance Company Are Hiding From You"
  • Keeping you confused about healing puts money in the pockets of Doctors and Insurance Companies
  • Realize most hospitalization and Medication is Not Necessary
  • Learn How you can break free from the medication cycle
  • ​Awaken the healing power you already possess
  • ​Access specific tools to get healthy and help you stay healthy

What is Vitality University?

When I started practicing Naturopathic Medicine almost 20 years ago, I was horrified by how little access people had to holistic medicine. I know I could serve on a greater, deeper level and help make Natural Medicine Mainstream, but the timing, technology, etc. wasn't right. It years to figure it out.

But Now Is The Time!

Vitality University was born to support yoU!

I've helped thousands of people just like you get rid of chronic diseases, get off their meds, and so much more doing this work 1 to 1. And Vitality University will help get this mission to the masses.

My Proven Method To Health and Vitality...

  • Do the detective work to root out the underlying cause of your health conditions.
  • Removing all obstacles from your healing.
  • ​Discovery the natural medicine methods / modalities that work best for you.
  • ​Develop a lifestyle, habits and behaviors that prevent disease and support health.
Because Health is your Birth Right!!!

What's Included?

5-Step Holistic Health System

Taking you from Investigating the underlying causes of your health issues...To experiencing REAL Health Rejuvenation.

Instructional  Trainings

In-depth, educational and instructional videos. Provide an immersive holistic learning experience. Watch and learn at your can own pace

Healthy Topic Masterclasses 

Taught by Dr. Lewis.
Topics chosen by you.
To help you in every aspect of your life because true health includes addressing all of you.

Live Q&A

Monthly lives calls to ask Dr. Lewis and leading  experts questions about: Your Health and Holistic Lifestyle, and
Real, everyday challenges you are experiencing.


Leading experts in the health, wellness, fitness, and natural products industry will teach subjects related to cutting-edge health topics, innovative techniques and tools,

Holistic  Protocols

The Natural Medicine Protocols I give my patients to get rid chronic disease. The lifestyle changes and holistic solutions, giving your body what it needs for health and vitality.

Private FB Group

Tap into a supportive, health-centric community. Share wins, learning points, and experiences.
Establish a holistic network to help you along every step of the way.


Supplements that are doctor-formulated. The purest and highest-quality active ingredients, well-researched sources, no inferior or counterfeit ingredients. Offering therapeutic dosing and optimal absorption.

It's time for YOU to experience health and vitality you deserve!

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